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09 March 2009 @ 11:10 pm
I have finally changed my LJ theme!!!
My old, dark and gloomy theme...guess what?
I have been using it for 2 years *I have started involved in LJ since 2007 but I'm not that active >writer's bloke<

I have saved a few of News theme but suddenly, I changed my mind and switch to KATTUN instead.
Maybe one of the reasons is I want to support them in their 2009 7 days in a row concert tour in Tokyo Dome.
If only I'm rich like Paris Hilton, I'll use my private jet plane to fly over to Japan and go to their concert.

For this year, I think KATTUN is insane.  They released 2 singles at a short period of times.
ONE DROP and RESCUE suddenly became an addictive tune that--must-be-everyday-to-listen too...

2 days left for my SALES POST to closed!

After that, I might open a new sales post.  It's more too clearance sales actually.  Most on old idols stuff that I need to let go.  Please take note some of them are my precious collections*that I need to let go*.  Tomorrow I'll start to upload it all in my photobucket.  Today I'm too tired to do it.  Tomorrow gotta go to work *sigh*

For my new KATTUN theme, SPECIAL THANKS goes to kimmyxfleur for her AWESOME creativity in creating this theme.

Another P/S:
GREAT NEWS for myself.
I have finally managed to verified my Paypal.  With that, it would be easier for me to make online transactions from overseas ^^

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